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Hey Guys! Lee Here, let me tell you about this page I created as a little side project. Space XIII or Space 13 (not sure what to stick with?) If you have any thoughts let me know by leaving a comment below.

So Why Is Space XIII or Space 13 A Side Project?

A while back I founded the website Artificial Geek as a hobby. I created it to help fellow computer enthusiasts using Windows and Linux operating systems to give them tutorials, tips and other tech tips. This was the same time I started learning about SEO as Artificial Geek wasn’t generating any traffic (Really… what’s the point in having a website if no one sees it?).

By not going into too much detail to bore you guys to death. After 2 years I decided to reboot the whole Artificial Geek website and start getting back into publishing content. Still, after months of the content being published, I had ZERO traffic! It was really doing my head in. This is where Space XIII or Space 13 comes in.

Seriously guys I need help deciding whether to use Space XIII or Space 13 as a definite name. Which one looks or sounds the best?

So, yea, this is where SEO comes into play. After doing all the typical research on SEO which I reckon most of you guys have done in the past or still are. You start to realise that there is way too much mumbo jumbo out there making it tricky to decide if you’re going in the right direction or worse following the wrong method altogether.

For a while, my brain seemed overloaded and found myself getting frustrated to points where I literally had to bring myself back to earth. I had so many suggestions and thoughts racing through my head that I’d read, I didn’t know what I should be doing. While I’m still in the process of coming to turns on how to successfully use all the free SEO tools available as I’m on a budget and don’t want to spend a butt load of money that I don’t have to pay monthly for tools that may or may not work.

I specifically created this site to see if I could rank for the keyword Space XIII or Space 13 for my little trial and error side project. I am a guy who seems to learn better doing things myself.

Why choose the Name Space XIII / Space 13?

Well, I needed to come up with a keyword that had an SEO difficulty below 40 (Which all the great SEO gurus tell you to use), plus it had to have more than 10 searches in volume a month. The gurus say 250 but this is my test and if I get 10 people a month, at least I know I made it further than before. And if you’ve stumbled upon this site yourself…. I must have done something correctly. So, I started shooting off keywords that were personal to me and because I’m a proper space geek, I decided to stick with the keyword space. 1. For space itself and 2. Because a new website is a blank space until designed and published.

The number thirteen comes into it as I was born on the 13th, it’s my favourite number and honestly, there is something interesting about the number thirteen. No matter which way you type XIII, Thirteen, 13, or even TH1RT3EN. Another 13 fact is that Apollo 13 is my all-time movie and the true story behind it just shows the limitations of man.

While I decided my keyword for the SEO is Space 13, its only fitting that I just use XIII steps for this project.

Before I share the thirteen steps that I used to simplify this whole process. Why not keep me going by buying me a £3 cup of coffee, id really appreciate it.

SpaceXIII or Space 13 Buy Me A Coffee

One of the other reasons why I’m doing this SPACE 13 project is so that I can share with others that you can achieve SEO ranking with hardly any money. Just patience, a bit of help and someone decent who you know are telling you the truth that works. Hopefully, that’s this guy! So, once I get a result on how this Space XIII project took off, the first thing I’m going to do is share it with everyone through my newsletter. So be ready and sign up.

My Thirteen Steps (hmm… XIII or 13?)

Step 1. I picked 3 keywords and used UbberSuggests free trial to see what traffic volume they had, and what SEO difficulty they had.

Step 2. I decided on a domain name at GoDaddy as I already had an account.

Step 3. Installed WordPress plus all the essential plugins that I wanted to use. Plugins included Divi Theme, Cloudflare Plugin, Yoast SEO Premium, WP Rocket, and Monarch Social Sharing.

Step 4. Setup Cloudflare with the 3 DNS reports plan the homepage

Step 5. Set up Yoast SEO, I left most of the settings unedited to test this project.

Step 6. Set up Social Media. Created a Facebook Page and Twitter Profile.

Step 7. Set up a free Mail Chimp account and started a new campaign for my newsletter.

Step 8. Relaxed for 20 minutes with a coffee. Thanks guys!

Step 9. Edited the homepage of Space XIII / Space 13 to the final version and all green with Yoast SEO.

Step 10. Published the homepage, contact page, disclosure page

Step 11. Shared on social media profiles.

Step 12. For a week, I spent an hour each night creating backlinks to Space XIII / Space 13 / Space Thirteen.

Step XIII / Step 13. Watched Apollo 13 and waited!

Of course, I’ll give you the full rundown with my final findings in the email I send out. Don’t forget to sign up so you don’t miss out. All this information is coming from an individual who wanted to make a website/blog with Artificial Geek.

If anyone wants to get in contact with regarding a partnership or just wants to build a network with me, then let me know using the contact form here.

So that’s the sole idea of Space XIII or Space 13 (Space Thirteen) whichever one I decide on. Hopefully with the help with from you guys.

Don’t forget to show your encouragement by buying this decent guy a strong cup of coffee.

SpaceXIII or Space 13 Buy Me A Coffee

Stay safe


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  1. Tj

    Very interesting mate. I’ve been working hard to do the same so i really want to know what you find out. Also enjoy the coffee on me 🙂


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